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Suzette Hodnett

PROCESS/TECHNIQUES: A mixed media of foils, acrylics, and lightweight metals are cut, fused with heat, inlaid, sculpted and painted for color and design. The result is an image that is 3D, graphic, metallic, textural, and brightly colored. All work is created by the artist. All work is original. No prints/reproductions. No other artists I know producing similar work.

ARTIST STATEMENT: Art is play. Everyone is an artist who dares to explore the uncharted lands and deep waters of spontaneity, creativity and expression. My art is rooted in the joy of making something from nothing and from gathering images and emotions during long walks out into the “left field” of my imagination. Strong elements of design, texture, dimension and color combine to express my love for play, travel, music, dance, tai chi, and the artistry of different cultures.

Suzette Hodnett
7736 Friends Avenue “B”
Whittier, Ca. 90602

Visit Suzette's website: www.suzette.cc