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Wendy DeLeon

Wendy DeLeon

"I work with clay, glaze, paint and paper; fabric and thread, drawing apps, cameras and words. I make things because I love the touch, the process, the dance with the materials. I am an artist, a maker. I create objects of desire."

Wendy DeLeon

Wendy's Studio

"I want all of my work to have a presence that is empowering, work that becomes more beautiful and precious with the passing of time. I want my works to bring joy into the lives of the people that live with them."

Wendy DeLeon

"When I work with clay I love the feel of it in my hands, soft and pliable; I love the organic earthy smell of it. I enjoy the physicality of throwing on the potters wheel, the delicacy of sculpting, the heat of the firing, the magical alchemy from mud to ceramic, transience to permanence. Pottery is all we have left of many vanished cultures. It endures."

Create Balance

You can find Wendy's work for sale
in these Southern California Galleries:

Whittier art gallery gift shop gallery
Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre
Square I Gallery in Clairemont Village
American Museum of Ceramic Art - museum store

Bowl Wendy DeLeon

Wendy has shown her work recently
in the following places:

The Whittier Art Gallery
Hillcrest Fine Art Festival
Square I gallery 11x11 show
Amoca Biennial 2013
del Mano Gallery - Hot Tea Teapot Show 2013
Amoca Studio Gallery Opening Show

Ongoing creation and maintenance of the Amoca Donor Tile Wall mural. 2004-2014

Photography By Victoria Davis